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We often wonder what makes our appliances slow and inefficient after regular use. Researchers have found out that unclean air ducts can be one of the reasons.

Air Duct Cleaning

Why Do You Require Air Duct Cleaning Professionals?

There are two main reasons due to which air ducts require a professional cleaning service: inefficiency of appliances and health concerns. Our services make your system more efficient so that they respond faster and work smoothly. Unclean air ducts can be harmful to your health. People with allergies, asthma, and a weakened immune system can be much more affected by them. We maintain safety precautions and sanitize air duct covering before starting the cleaning process. This step is necessary to prevent pollutants from entering your air duct. Air duct cleaning services also make your HVAC system last longer and prevent any damage to the filter.

Our Air Duct Cleaning Methods

Step 1: At first we inspect the issues

Our bonded and certified professionals inspect the problems carefully, scrutinize the type of contamination, and then take effective steps to remove them. Without properly examining the process, and starting to clean the ducts can worsen the situation even more.

Step Two: Problems that we resolve and take care of

During the cleaning process we will do a servicing in these following parts:

  • We repair the heating and cooling coils of the HVAC system if there is any damage.
  • We clean the supply and return lines separately to prevent any contamination.
  • We repair the diffusers and grilles.
  • We repair the fan housing and motor of the appliances.
  • We also manage the air handling units.

Step Three: The tools and equipment we use in the process

The tools and equipment we use are:

  • Powerful high suction vacuums
  • Vacuum machines with advanced HEPA filters
  • Skipper balls
  • Air whips
  • Brushes
  • Brooms

Step Four: Quality checking

After our cleaning services are done, we recheck all ducts and holes and make sure they are cleaned and resealed properly. Clear Lake Carpet Cleaning also makes sure that all the appliances are working properly and the HVAC systems are in a good condition.

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There are pieces of evidence proving that the performance of the devices improves a lot after an air duct cleaning service. Nevertheless, air duct cleaning also saves a lot of energy. Pollutants such as dust, dirt, pollen grains, etc attract insects and pests that are harmful to the appliances. The airways welcome unwanted things like mites, molds, bacteria, germs, fungus, which must be cleaned to lead a safe and healthy life.

Signs that your Air Ducts must be cleaned?

The situations where you need air duct cleaning are:

  • If your air conditioning system is not functioning properly it might be necessary to clean your air ducts. Clogged or
  • Uncleaned ducts are responsible to reduce the cooling capabilities of the AC and it gets heated up easily.
  • If your family members are experiencing sudden coughing, sneezing, and other health issues.
  • If you notice small insects or rodents are roaming in the air ducts and polluting them.
  • If your house has recently been renovated.
  • If you have too much dust and dirt at your home.

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Clean air ducts keep the environment safe and reduce health issues. Unclean air ducts can hamper your lifestyle and result in serious health issues. Contact us to clean your air ducts for both commercial and residential properties in and around Clearlake. We start doing our work at your preferable timings and bring our tools so that you can rest assured. Our reasonable deals make us one of the most sought-after local air duct cleaners in Clearlake. Reach us today!


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