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With regular usage, tiles lose their shine and luster. Sediments accumulate in their grouts and take down their appearance. Tiles need professional cleaning services once in a while to restore their look and luster.

Tile Cleaning

Our tile cleaning services include

Grout cleaning- The gaps between two tiles are known as grout. They tend to trap more dirt and grime compared to the surface of the tiles. Cleaning grout without any professional help is a hectic process. If you try to do it yourself it can take hours or even days to achieve that professional cleanliness. We apply modern, up-to-date techniques to remove the grime and dirt from grouts. Our professionals at Clear Lake Carpet Cleaning deep clean the tiles, scrub them using powerful machines, polish them and restore their luster. At the end of the process, we sanitize the floors to impart long-lasting freshness. Natural stone floors are treated in a specialized way ensuring that we retain their shine. Our workers are well equipped to clean all kinds of tiles like stone tiles, ceramic tiles,natural stone, and porcelain tiles.

Types of TILE Cleaning we offer

Slippery Tiles – Tiles tend to become slippery after regular use. This occurs due to the formation of slime on them. Slippery tiles are more common in bathroom tiles. Mold growth is also quite common. They are dangerous and can lead to serious injuries. Our tile cleaning services remove the slimy layer of the tiles and bring it back to its original form. If they are ignored or left unattended, then it can cost you more to restore it. Why take the burden of cleaning it by yourself, when you can hire our professionals. Get your tiles cleaned, sealed, polished, and sanitized in one go. Give us a call today!

Power Washing – Power washing services improve the quality of your tiles. It can remove dirt, grime, slime, mold growth, soap scum and also restore the shine of your tile. Our power washers are build with innovative technologies to deliver high-end cleaned and polished tiles. Power washers also have different cleaning options to suit different types of tiles. Power washing has become a favorite choice of homeowners nowadays. Hire our experts to get clean looking tiles.

Soap Scum Removal – Have you noticed a thin layer of soap covering your bathroom tile over time? This happens due to accumulation of soap scum on your tiles. Removing this can be quite tricky. We are here to solve your issues and improve the condition of your tiles. We use non-toxic alcohol free cleaning agents to remove soap scum and water stains without causing any damage to your tiles. Our proficient and speedy service will give you clean and shiny tiles without any traces of soap scum. We bring the necessary equipment and transform your tiles which will surely uplift the look of your bathroom. Contact us to get shiny soap scum free tiles.

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Our company is based in Clearlake, Chicago, and we aim to deliver excellent tile cleaning services in all residential as well as commercial buildings. Tiles in your kitchen and washroom become untidy quickly and are often not noticed carefully. If you properly inspect them you will realize how quickly they turn pale and dirty. Professional tile cleaners can bring back their original look and make them last longer. We have well-educated and licensed workers who can remove stubborn dirt and grime and give you astounding results. Hire our experts for any tile cleaning job.

We are the best local carpet and tile cleaning company in Clear Lake City, Texas and are highly renowned for our top-notch services. We have received great reviews from our customers. We are trusted and recommended by many homeowners in Clearlake.


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